Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nas Pelik

Alright...hey like laughing to myself now because this is my first blog. i've never written diaries nor blogs either. i like to talk out what i experienced or wtv that happend to me to my closest ones. but after an incident that happend in this year of specific date...cant think of it now.. well i start to feel soo lonely at times..but whenever i meet my friends to spit out the hard times i've been thru..i could never let out the real feelings that i wish to say it out..COZ ble jumpe je dorg..i can become oh so wild again...and terus lupe nak cite.. sampai je night especially, mule lah perasaan yang macam2 timbul...yang buat i stress out sgt2...i couldnt cry...i dont know y...the tears just hate to wet my most people...they say "bagus la nas...ur strong"...THEN..treat me cam biase...never notice me in such SERABUTNESS...(cheeh a touch of manglish there). I really wish i could cry out loud like some girls do till i feel relief..till i get attention from others. mmg mengada! tp..bileeeeelah.. saket kepala. well....after being a reader to all my friends blogs...i felt how relief it could be to say out watever u wanna say thru this blog..therefore. today i decided to try.

anyways...hope i go on better with this..this is just for a start..i gotta run pack my stuff back to seremban tonight plak skrg ni...AND AGAIN im driving my parents..everyday i drive here and there now...nvm. tommorow heading to melaka n then bck home again...OH ya...SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA.


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